Dealing with “The Ick”

My ears a clogged and I am having problems hearing things. I’m stuffy and no amount of decongestant is making it easy to breath. My throat is raw beyond raw and my coughing isn’t making it better. Speaking of coughing, there is some lovely yellow stuff starting to come with it.

My hopes of this just being a simple head cold is dwindling to dust quite quickly and as much as I’d hate to admit it – it’s doctor time.

A friend of mine, Charlie, said that she thinks it might be my bronchitis returning, along with a double ear infection, based on the short research she had done. That scares me because bronchitis means no running till I can stop coughing…and ear infections mean no running until I can hear properly.

basically – no running.

Dear body – knock it off before things get ugly and I keep you from having a treat.



One thought on “Dealing with “The Ick”

  1. says:

    ive found vicks formula 44 chesty cough, vicks vapor rub, vitamins and soup and pedialite are helping. I do the saline nose spray too.

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