I know I’m on vacation, but…

I have yet to run while I have been here. It’s not for lack of trying. I wanted to run yesterday since I was up early but I didn’t have a key to get back into the building and I would have had to wake Amber up to do so and since she’s on a totally different schedule than I am, I didn’t want to be rude. I want to run this  morning, but it’s storming something fierce right now and I’m hungover from the vodka and from a migraine.

And the LA race is tomorrow.

Vacation is always hard when it comes to fitness stuff. It’s hard to make it a priority when there are so many other things to do in the short amount of time that you have. Throw in a huge time change, and it’s worse. My body clock is still on Jacksonville time, not LA time so right now it’s 4pm, not the 1pm that my eyes are seeing on the clock.

It’s not like we are doing nothing, however. Yesterday we hiked the Runyon Canyon which is this insanely steep 2.5 mile trek that allows you some incredible views of LA – including the Hollywood sign. I had no problems doing it once I got going, but this morning my right quad is hurting something not fun and I can’t tell if it’s just from the hiking or from the jump I did while on the mountain. (“Jamie fell off a mountain? Again?”)

And we walk pretty much everywhere. Sure, we take the metro for a few of the longer distances just because it is faster but for the most part we walk and in certain places we will drive if we have to or hail a cab. That’s not bad, for me anyway. I should log it and see how far we walk everyday. Where is that pedometer? Bottom of my book bag. Got it.

But when I’m on vacation with Brian, since we both take fitness way to seriously, it’s easy to fit it in. I made a comment about how much I loved doing things like hiking and Amber was like…”WHY!? when there are so many other things we could be doing.” Simple: I like being active and this makes me feel alive. While I love doing the party scene with her, I also love going out and doing other things like that too. It’s one of the reasons why I was so stoked when I found out that she signed us up for the She Runs LA race!

It’s hard to get people who aren’t as insane about things like this to be excited like we are. She’s griped about the race a few times despite making it clear that she was stoked for me to run my first west coast race (She absolutely despises running…but we bought costume stuff to make it fun. She has no idea how awesome this is going to be!) simply because to her this isn’t “fun”…fun is going out to the Gravestone Manor and sitting at the private table near the DJ booth for a birthday party while sipping on Grey Goose that the private tender was mixing for us.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally define that as fun. I just like to throw in hiking up a mountain and running a 10k race in full on 80s garb and a tutu as fun too.

I’m trying to not beat myself up about the not so perfect eating and the lack of steady workouts like I had been logging at home because really…I AM on vacation and what’s most important is that I’m having fun with the best friend I haven’t seen in a year. And I am having fun with her. It’s almost as if the past year never happened and we are picking up right where we left off.This time with her means more to me than anyone will get.  I just need to remember that next Thursday I can pick it all back up again and things will be great.

But if she keeps making me watch the Walking Dead , I’m going to make her ass get into running just to keep from becoming a zombie. And if we keep going to In & Out Burger because holy shit, they are good. And I was promised some of the best ice cream/yogurt I could get my hands on…

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