Florida is on FIRE!

No, I mean literally. Florida is on fire. Again.

There are a few wildfires going on right now and thanks to the way the winds are blowing, Jacksonville is blanketed in a thin layer of smoke. Thankfully the fires are small so it’s not too terribly bad right now, but it’s bad enough to cause you to smell nothing but smoke when you go outside and see a nice thin haze around the city.

Last year, when Florida was on fire, the smoke over Jacksonville was so thick and so bad that it looked like fog. You couldn’t see the street lights or the bridges or anything really. During that time, no one ran. I didn’t run, none of the crew ran, nobody. It just wasn’t safe to go out there and run in the smoke.

I was going to run on my dinner break but sitting here in my edit bay I can smell the smoke. It’s worse downtown than it was on the Southside where I live. There is a distinct haze on the tower cam and in the rest of the video we have of Downtown Jacksonville. In fact, you can barely see the bridge in this picture, taken from some of our video…

I’m not running in this. I did it before last year when the smoke was this bad (and worse) and it was the biggest mistake I could have done. It makes your throat and eyes burn, it makes breathing a serious chore, and it makes you smell horrible. And if I can smell it inside my office then it’s too much to run in.

I hate running on the treadmill, but I might be doing it for a while till this lets up.



One thought on “Florida is on FIRE!

  1. skinbycarrielorrain says:

    UG! The smoke is awful! The air quality is so bad I don’t even want to walk in this – let alone run. I feel bad when I see runners out in this nastiness because I know that those deep lungsfulls of “air” must be hurting them. Take caution and stay inside!!

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