How do YOU roll?

So after sleeping through my alarm (more like: shut that crap off, I had too much wine at the Sedar last night. Screw running) Brian and I spent the morning in bed just talking and listening to a pod cast that we are now addicted to. I mentioned that I was hungry and wanted to try out a new sushi place that had just opened near us. It was actually on The Morning Show a few days ago at WJXT so I was curious after hearing it described as “the Subway of sushi.”

We pulled up and walked in, looking around the place. It was pretty well decorated, and was already busy for 11am. I was excited. When we got to the counter, the lady behind it asked us if it was our first time. We said yes, and she banged a huge gong and announced to everyone that it was our first time. Cue blushing and laughing. Then they told us about how it all works.

You pick your rice (brown or white) and your wrapper (modern is the green seaweed paper, or you can go with soy) and then you move to the veggie section. You can pick up to 3 for free and each additional is .99 cents extra. They had everything that you expected to see in sushi, and extra stuff too like sprouts, onions, jalapenos, strawberries, and the like. Then you go to the meats and it’s the same there; three meats are included. Tuna, shrimp, salmon, even chicken and beef were there. Once you are done making your sushi, you can watch them roll it, slice it, and then ask for additions: sauces, fish eggs, sesame seeds, wasabi mayo…tons of options.

When we went to check out, Brian and I made our meals a “combo” by adding a side and a drink. I got edamame and he got miso soup. I got the Japanese mayo, he got the wasabi mayo. Both were excellent. We were really surprised and happy with how fabulous the service and the food was. And the price was FANTASTIC: just over $10 for both of us to eat. We both felt pleasantly full and not overly stuffed like you leave sushi bars sometimes. I was in heaven.

The manager there, Bryan, came and chatted with us for a little bit and told us that if you go to the website ( you can add in your roll and find out how many calories you have eaten. What fitness and diet junkie doesn’t love that? My entire lunch was 685 calories, 43 grams of protein, 72 grams of carbs, and 28 grams of fat.  Considering we didn’t eat breakfast, that’s not too bad.

We also signed up for a High Roller card. Each roll you get earns you 10 points, and after a while you can trade those points in for other fantastic things. Given the price range and the ability to create your own rolls with whatever you want in it, I plan on putting that to good use: a fast meal between appointments or a place I can take my friends for a treat? I am totally there. Free WiFi too.

I know that I usually just post stuff about running and inspiration and whatnot, but this is a fantastic place and I had to share it. If you are in Jacksonville, it’s in the same complex as Mellow Mushroom and Cami Cakes in Tinsletown…but they have locations all over. You have to check this place out, and when you go in…tell them Jamie from Ch. 4 sent you and says hi! 🙂

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