A Road Race Bucket List

While having lunch with the fabulous new runner friend Tiffany, we got to talking about the races that we were signed up to do or wanted to do. She’s signed up to do the North Myrtle Beach Diva Half which I am totally jealous about because I wanted to do that one too. I told her about the Tower of Terror 10 miler I want to do in September, but I might have to blow it off because of a wedding I am in the day before. (but it IS  a night race…so I COULD make it work…kinda.)

And I got to thinking…Why don’t I make a road race bucket list? I mean, there are SO many different races that I want to do that are scattered all over the states and it’s not like it’s out of the realm of possibility. I can save up, plan ahead, and do one maybe two a year. And if the races are close by, all the better.

I mean, I want to do that Rock and Roll half in Vegas (uh, we are running on the STRIP? So there.) and I want to do the Diva series of half marathons,  and I want to do all of the Disney races. I could just look around and see where some of the most amazing races are and list them and see how I can make it happen.

What are some of your favorite races? What races should I do and which should I skip?


3 thoughts on “A Road Race Bucket List

  1. Jonathan Bean says:

    Anything off-road always finds its easy to the top of my to do list. If you haven’t yet experienced a long distance trail run in the middle of nowhere then I suggest you do so – they’re fantastic. Also, get yourself to a European city marathon – a great excuse for a holiday. Barcelona is very good.

  2. kristinegift says:

    I’ve done the Disney Marathon weekend (ran the half) and had an amazing experience. Disney takes such good care of you and it’s so cool to run through the parks without guests, with characters dancing and cheering for you. Those are definitely in the “can’t miss” category.

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