Partners in Crime

So this is how the conversation over text goes:

Me: I have some work ahead of me.
Brian: How so?
Me: Tonight’s run was rough
Brian: Hmm. Me too
Me: I really need to work on it. I guess three weeks half assing it hurt me.
Brian: Yep. I’m behind too. Gotta push hard the next few weeks.
Me: For sure
Brian: Remember the OP run is in 20 days.
Me: Yeah. I need to clean up my eating too. Really gotta buckle down.
Brian: Me too. But my cravings are kicking in some. I’ve eaten most of the Turkey Salad.
Me: I’ve been on a sugar binge lately. But – no sodas today.
Brian: Good.

The lesson here?

Keep at it because not sticking to your workouts can hurt you when you are training for something big. Watch what you eat on the days that you are doing big runs, or you know…all the time. Having a support system will improve your activities moreso than hours in the gym. Hubs makes me happy.

Also note: I don’t believe in dieting. Dieting means you are restricting and that’s just bad. You shouldn’t restrict things, just eat them in moderation. When I say I need to clean up my eating, it means not having ice cream with breakfast and not drinking a soda 4 times a day. I got lazy and stopped caring, and need to fix that. I’m still going to eat ice cream (just not for breakfast) and I’m still going to have sodas from time to time…I just need to pull that moderation card back out.



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