Idiot Runner Girl is angry.

So on my birthday this past Tuesday, my Dad had to be rushed to the hospital because he was suffering all the classic signs of a heart attack. Being that he is already a heart patient, this is intense beyond understanding for my family. Later, we find out that the issue was a blood clot that he “threw” from being off of the blood thinners that he is supposed to not come off of. In fact, his cardiologist said that he didn’t want him off of it – back injection procedure or not (oh, that I also didn’t know about).

During the testing we also found out that the surgery he got to repair some damage in his stomach is busted up. So he might need to go into the hospital for surgery to repair THAT. The first surgery was February 2011 and he almost died then because he was on blood thinners and apparently no one knew this and he ended up getting 16 units of blood and 8 units of plasma to keep him alive. Yes. You read that right. He bled out so much that they had to give him 16 units of blood.

We found out that Dad was having pains and issues for about a week prior to this happening, but he decided to keep his mouth shut and not say anything. Insert furious Idiot Runner Girl rant here.

I simply don’t understand why people don’t take care of themselves, family included. It’s really not that hard to watch what you eat, get a little exercise in, and to go to the doctor when things don’t feel right. And what frustrates me even more is that I am criticized for what I do by people who don’t take care of themselves.

Just recently a friend of mine had to deal with this with someone in her fiance’s family. This woman who doesn’t take care of herself, whose family doesn’t take care of themselves, had the audacity to criticize my friend and her fiance for comments they made about how they live compared to them. Mind you, they do Crossfit daily and are by far some of the most in shape people I have ever met…but because they made a comment or two, this family member of his decided to slam my friends about how they are unhealthy and how their daughter was unhealthy. She even used quotes from websites that are not 100% accurate! And Fiance is a physical therapist with a medical degree!!!

I have another friend who is also one of my running partners. I told her I wanted to start the Insanity dvd’s for during the summer months, and she Google’d it, and looked it over. She was pretty receptive to the idea, but immediately started to talk about the diet plan. Not the fact that the workouts are freaken insane and hard core…but the diet plan. She went on and on about how I’m now not going to be able to eat half of the things I do and how I’m going to fail at it because of that. And she knows that I don’t believe in dieting because I think restricting something is the sure fire way to ruining everything.

I simply don’t understand it. Why do people act this way? Do they not realize that they are not being helpful, but in fact are being cruel?

Am I the healthiest person in the world? No way. I drink soda and alcohol, I eat junk food and sometimes forget to eat meals, I smoke a hookah from time to time, and I slack off on my running from time to time. I don’t diet but am fully aware of my intake and make sound decisions on my eating habits…unless I decide to say screw it and eat a pint of ice cream because I feel like it. Which I did. Today. Because I wanted it.

But know what I else I do? I go to the neurologist almost monthly to get check ups on my migraines so we can monitor them and track them so I can stop having black outs. I go and get my general health appointments and keep them. I dropped weight that I so desperately needed to lose in order to prevent ME from having a heart attack like so many other people in my family have had. I sleep 8 hours a night, every night. I do what I can to keep myself healthy, and with the exception of high cholesterol (which runs in my family) I am in great shape.

So here is Jamie’s new rule: Judge not lest ye be judged. Don’t tell me that I need to do something about my migraines or criticize me about my insane workout regime or jump on my case because I’m not eating to your standards when you aren’t doing all that you can to keep yourself healthy as well.

My parents now know that they can’t be mad at me because I’m not doing what they want me to do for my migraines when my Dad waited till he was having heart attack like symptoms to do something about his pain. I’m hoping everyone else gets the clue, too. End rant.


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