Family Emergency vs. Running: Idiot runner girls guilt

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 32. The plan was to get up and go shopping with  my Mom for a kick ass mini shopping spree so I could get some shorts that fit me (all of mine are too big now) and some tops, and maybe a new dress or two. Passover is coming up and the only dress I have that fits is a black one with chains and birds on it (it’s classy I promise) and I need something a bit more spring like.

Before I could really start my shopping spree, though, we got a call from one of my Dad’s clients (he does taxes) saying that he’s having chest pains and that we needed to come home. We turned around right away and I forgot about everything else and focused on getting Dad to the hospital and whatnot. We spent the early part of the day at the hospital, waiting on results from tests to prove it wasn’t a heart attack or anything serious. We had lunch at the hospital…I had a salad with lite ranch dressing and some fries….I then went to work and did my work thing, at cupcakes and sushi.

I didn’t run.

Today, I am of blowing off my run to go and hang out with my SIL and brother who are at my parents house right now. My brother is taking care of my Dad’s clients that couldn’t reschedule (Jacob does taxes too) and Amber is hanging out with my niece…probably bored. I just got off the phone with my Mom and she is headed to the hospital to sit with Dad as he gets his stress test done and said that she would call if she needed me.

On one hand, it’s family and it’s important and sometimes these things become way more important than running. On the other hand…there is nothing we can do but sit and wait so why not go for a short 3 mile run like I had planned?

….And just now my sister texted me asking how my Dad is because she lives in Orlando and not Jacksonville.

This guilt for not running is kind of kicking my ass, but family comes first and always has. I can always add miles tomorrow or Friday. So why am I feeling bad for skipping out?


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