Weekly Inspiration: March 26

All your life you are told things you cannot do.

All you life they will say you aren’t good enough or strong enough or talented enough; they will say you’re the wrong hieght or the wrong weight or the wrong type to play this or be this or achieve this.

They will tell you no, a thousand times no, until all the no’s become meaningless.

All your life they will tell you no, quite firmly and very quickly.

And you will tell them yes. 

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Even that little voice in the back of your head needs to be told to shut up.

No one knows the kind of determination that you have. The focus you have. The sheer desire to do something that you know that you can do fantastically.

No one knows but you and you are strong and powerful and incredible. You have the focus and the drive to do anything that you set your mind to.


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