Time to refocus

Two weeks have gone by now with little running involved. If you ask any athlete who has done that, they will tell you that it’s a cardinal sin to not do anything for two weeks. Granted, I had a race in there and I did run a few miles earlier this week, but for the most part I spent my time watching television and resting and stretching and basically just…meh.

It’s hard to run and really focus on physical activities when mentally you just aren’t there. But we are working on that.

I talked to Brian about a new workout regime for us to try and follow that lessens the miles we run during the summer, giving us more time to do other things like be lazy at the pool and maybe spend some Saturday’s at the beach with friends and he seemed open to it so long as I keep in mind that we have our triple threat half marathon series at the end of the year that we don’t want to get too out of shape for.

Like I’d let that happen.

I want to pair my running with the Insanity videos that Sean is going to be burning a copy of for me. These things…when I saw the infomercial on television one night, I really got into the work out. I mean, it looks exactly like what the Les Mills program Body Attack does, only these things don’t have breaks in between the songs. I can do this. I know I can do this.

So if I pair my running with these videos I should be able to tone up and keep fit this summer, and still be able to do the conditioning I need in order to prepare for the triple threat this winter. Even if I have to do the video’s in the AM and do the running in the evening, I can do that. I am used to running on my dinner breaks at work and with it starting to get hot out, I’m shortening them to 3 miles.

It’s summer. In Florida. Even at 7pm it’s 112 degrees with 110% humidity.

Brian seemed to be pretty open to the idea and I’m happy about that. If my income changes so that I can join a gym that has the Les Mills programs again, then this whole thing won’t really matter. I’m better when I have a set schedule and a regime to follow. Until then, I have to create my own.

But for the record – I’d rather be at the YMCA, lifting in Body Pump or kicking it at Body Attack.


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