St. Patty’s Day run done!

Picture from 1st Place Sports

St. Patty’s Day 10k this past Sunday at Evergreen Cemetery.

1:15:05 is my final chip time. Pain again in both IT Bands, but nothing compared to what I felt at the Gate. Probably because this course was FLAT and when you are fighting IT pain, you are not supposed to do inclines or speed work. The Gate had two bridges. HA! I never learn.

Monday I did yoga, and today I didn’t do anything because I was helping my Mom out this morning and then my Dad was helping me with my taxes. Tomorrow I am going to try and do a short little 3 miler to test out my legs with a nice flat run and then on Thursday I might do another short little run but nothing extreme. The 1st Place Sports at the Towncenter is doing a group run thing in the evening and I might take them up with that. They said all paces (which would be cool since my “injury” has me doing a 12 minute mile right now)

But I also want to take it easy and nurse these puppies back to health so I can really push it in April for the Run To The Sun 8k. Because it’d be so kick ass to be able to do that run well under the 58 minutes that I did my last 5 miler in.

In an all yellow tutu. Maybe. Haven’t decided yet.

Plus – while I want to do some serious weight training and stretching this summer, I do want to do some speed work and I can’t do that if I’m still in pain. I really do want to work on my speed and get faster.



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