I have committed a runner’s sin…

I haven’t run since the Gate River Run….and I don’t really feel bad about that.

I should. I know I should. But the truth is, I really don’t.

I’ve been enjoying my mornings adjusting to the new time change slowly, waking up with nothing pressing to do other than get a hold of the mechanic to fix my car and baby my really achy IT Bands, and for the first time in I don’t know how long I actually slept all night last night and didn’t wake up with Brian’s alarm!

Sure, I need to get my butt back into the habit of some morning runs, or now that it’s light out at 7pm some evening runs on my dinner breaks again since I can run them alone without people freaking out on me at work but sometimes a little break from reality is a pleasant thing and being lazy in my super comfy over-sized pajamas is a great way to waste the morning before going into work.

It also is reaffirming that I was over-training and pushing way to hard before.

That being said, I have been doing some research on some alternative training regimes that will include some serious stretching and yoga, some weight training and some cross training in it as well as all the running that I want to do. Given that I can run on my dinner breaks at work I can focus my mornings on the others.

Comcast has some great offerings for yoga in it’s On Demand programing and I’m kind of hoping for some of the other things I am working toward to pan out so I can get that YMCA membership so I can get back into the Les Mills programs and throw myself into the Body Pump and Body Attack classes again but until that happens I have to find alternatives. The fitness center here at the condo complex offers a small and insignificant weight thing but I’m willing to use it for now.

Plus – it’s almost pool time in Florida. I suck at swimming, but I need to learn if I’m going to do the Never Quit Never Trident solo and swimming is a full body workout! That also means I have to go shopping for a bathing suit! (and wouldn’t you know it, I am looking forward to that! Another bonus to all this weight loss)

What other alternatives to running should I look into?


One thought on “I have committed a runner’s sin…

  1. Charlie says:

    If you’re able to get a membership somewhere that offers TRX it is AWESOME!! Strength training at it’s max but easy on the joints. I miss my TRX classes. 😦

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