Tutu’s make you run faster.

It’s a known fact.

When you are running a race, and some girl (or, you know…some guy in some instances) comes running up beside you and they happen to be dressed up in a funky costume or a tutu, you are going to react in one of two ways:

1 – you are going to think “Holy Crap! That is by far the most hilarious and amazing thing in the entire world and I simply have to do that on my next big race. Mental note: When I’m not dying of exhaustion because I’m running my ass off right now, I have to find this girl (or guy) and ask them about how they put that together so I can make that myself and run in it. Talk about PERFECTION.”


2 – “No. Fraking. WAY. is tutu girl (or guy) going to pass me. Absolutely not going to happen. Legs, go faster. Lungs, breathe harder. This is NOT how I plan to finish this race. You see that tutu? Not going to beat me. Nu-uh. Let’s go.”

I can honestly say that I’ve had both reactions…and that’s both wearing the tutu and not wearing the tutu. Sometimes I have the thought while I’m wearing the tutu and I think that there is just no way that THAT tutu is going to beat MY tutu. HELL no.

That’s why I’m here to tell you: Tutu’s make you run faster.

That being said – the answer to the question I have been getting a lot lately is YES. I do actually wear a costume on a lot of my runs. And why not? They are fun to make and fun to wear and they get you lots of attention, and not to mention way more pictures. I don’t dress in costume for ALL of my runs, but I do wear them for a lot of them, and I do try to gear them to what the race is about as well.

The Gate River Run was all about my sister and I wanting to do something together. Hence Thing 1 and Thing 2.

The Run 5 To Keep Kids Alive? That was because Kat wanted to wear her Pink tutu, and I decided why not wear my green one?

When we ran the Disney Princess Half…well, that one is pretty much self explanatory.

I have the St. Patty’s Day 10k this weekend where I’ll be running in my green tutu, a pair of knee high socks that look like leprechaun boots, and a tank top that says “Kiss Me I’m Jamie!” and then I think I’m done for a while. I’m not doing the Tour de Pain: Extreme due to a forced recovery for an injury I’m not acknowledging but if I was, I’d be making a black and red tutu to go with a tank top that said “Am I extreme enough for you?”

The next big race that I’m thinking a costume might be in requirements for isn’t going to be till after the summer, and given that Florida summers start in the 100’s that might be a smart thing for me. Decorated tank tops aside, of course.

But be serious…when you see a costume running up next to you, you do tend to run faster…right? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tutu’s make you run faster.

  1. Erin Acosta says:

    I loved reading this, Jamie! Something I’d be interested in reading about in the future, if you need blog topic ideas, would be A) what brand of shoes do you like best, and B) good training programs for those just starting out running. I say this like I’m actually going to do it… well, we’ll see! Haha. 🙂

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