Stressing the Gate

So in the middle of the Disney Princess Half, I started to have pain in my left knee. Really random, deep pain that caused walking and bending of said knee to be extremely painful. It didn’t stop me from finishing though, because I am not the kind of girl who is going to quit. It just doesn’t happen.

While running, my right knee started to hurt, but I figured that was because I was overcompensating due to the weird way I was running, trying to make it to the finish line. I crossed, got my medal, walked over to the self serve tent and iced both my knees down. Flash forward a few days and suddenly…my left knee is fine..but my right knee? Not so much. Damn.

All the way back in October when I was training for my first half, I started to have random problems with my knee and was worried that I had finally done something to it. Come to find out, after seeing a physical therapist friend named Patrick, it was my IT Band that was flipping out. Foam roller, Jane Fonda exercises, anti-inflammatories, massage. I barely finished my first half without hysterics but by the second one, I was doing better. My third one sucked because I had a migraine, but that’s a different post.

Anyway, Patrick came to the surprise party I threw my husband Brian and we talked about the pain, he looked at my leg and my feet and checked me over and he said yep. still IT Band. So here I am, three days from the Gate and having insane knee/IT pain and it’s stressing me because anyone who knows about my horrid finish last year knows how important this damn race is to me.

I’m not dropping out of this race, and I’m not going to let this pain get the best of me. I’m stronger than that and I’m tougher than that. It’s just frustrating that it chose NOW to flare up again. Of all the times it could, it chose now.

I am changing my game plan a little bit. I’m adding some medication stops into my fuel and water stops, and I’m gonna go find and dig out my IT wrap thing so I can have it in case I need it. I plan to take it slower in the beginning because with the IT Band you aren’t supposed to do inclines (there are two bridges in the Gate River Run) or speed work (My goal time is 1:45…well, was) and I want to be able to finish it without trouble. Starting slower will help me. Taking the first three miles easier will be a strong benefit. I’ll talk to the guys at the expo and see if they have any advice as well.

I have the St. Pattys run next weekend, and I haven’t signed up for it yet, but the Tour de Pain:Extreme is at the end of the month and I want to do that. I will do it if I can get the IT Band under control, which should be by then. I just need to start being smart about all of this.


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