The long road to fit…

getting healthy

I have a long road ahead of me.

Last night, I went to my first Body Step class since joining the YMCA. It has been 6 years EASY since I’ve taken Body Step. I figured that maybe I’d be okay, so I grabbed one riser and my step. Half way through the class, I dropped to just the step. A few songs later I was doing a lot on the floor, not even using the step.

This morning I woke up exhausted and sore. But so freaken excited.

This is the feeling I’ve been missing. The feeling of working out so hard that you are so tired the next morning and so sore. Knowing you left everything in that workout. I was doing the lower intensity steps but I was still there and still got my sweat on.

But dude. Such a long road ahead of me. Getting back to fit sucks sometimes.

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unplanned break is done!

getting healthy

That was an unplanned break.

The first full week of April was absolute chaos. Work was keeping me incredibly busy, and working crazy like hours to boot. Then, I went on vacation with the Dreamboat to North Carolina where we spent a week doing absolutely nothing planned.  We just did as we felt like doing. It was amazing.

I meant to post a little “hello! I’m not dead yet” post yesterday, but got distracted with reading and cooking. But hey, everyone has their moments of “OMG Seriously self?”

I just have them more often than others.

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First Quarter Recap

getting healthy

And just like that, the first quarter of the year is GONE. Did anyone else think the first three months of the year went by way too quickly? A lot of things happened and a lot of work was done. I don’t feel like I’m making major leaps and bounds in my health but I know that small steps are still steps in the right direction.

So let’s take a look back at the first quarter and see what we have going on for the second, hmm?

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Birthday Facts, 2016

R A C E (1)

I started this thing years ago. Every birthday that I celebrate being alive and strong and well, I would do a fact sheet. One fact for every year I had been alive. You can skip this post as it won’t have much about running involved. Or fitness in general. Or even diet. I do talk about life, and living it. And there are tons of other useless bits of information that you might find fantastic and fun.

If you follow me on Twitter, these things are nothing new. Usually, I post all the facts on Twitter and keep it there but this year I’m doing it here.  (and you are following me on Twitter right? Go find me @IdiotRunnerGirl)  If you have questions for me, throw them in the comments and I will answer them!

And without further adieu…. Your Birthday Facts:


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The Gate River Run was a great success. My time was shit, it was hot as balls, and I didn’t wear a tutu. I did, however, high-five every kid on the route, smile the entire time, and crossed the finish line without needing a wheelchair.

See? Epic Success.

I just had so much fun!

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getting healthy

(NOTE: I’ve been trying to post this since Monday. FTW)

So I inadvertently went MIA. I really didn’t mean to. Between work and fixing my medication malfunctions, I guess I kind of dropped off. But now – it’s time to buckle down and use what I know to get things done.

And since Kat and I are in the same “Holy Shit we are starting over AGAIN!?” boat, we are doing it together. Which is a new old thing for me. I went from being pretty adamant about running alone and without someone to being at ease running with Kat.

Let me explain everything and see if it makes sense…

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Add heading (2)

When I set out to see my doctor and discuss my blood pressure issues, I didn’t expect it to be such a trial. While talking to him, I expressed that I didn’t want to get on another medication but knew that it was a requirement for now. We discussed how it was a hereditary thing and had nothing to do with my weight (although it is another reason to lose some weight) and I was put on a beta-blocker. I was told that this medication would make it hard for my heart rate to get up and I asked how that could affect my running. He answered honestly, and said he wasn’t sure.

Well, I have the answer for you – it does. It affected my heart rate (and my BP) significantly. It affected the outcome of the first two races I did this year, has forced me to drop one, and the swap to a new medication may hinder how well I do at the third race of the year for me – the Gate River Run.

Getting healthy is a bitch sometimes.

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