Half Marathon Training: Back at it

Half Marathon Training (2)

Between being sick and being on vacation, I haven’t run. At all. And the weird thing? I don’t feel guilty about it. Or at least I didn’t feel guilty about it.

Being sick was awful. It started as an ear infection and congestion and ended with me wanting to destroy everything in my chest…. and I didn’t even have chest congestion. I felt like I was coughing my lungs up thanks to the Mucinex I was prescribed to take and while my coughing has lessened dramatically because I stopped taking Mucinex… I’m still coughing. It’s been two weeks.

I was coughing on vacation. In the middle of eating, of swimming, of BREATHING… I couldn’t even sleep through the night and it got so bad at one point I had given myself massive muscle spasms. So the week leading up to vacation I didn’t run because I couldn’t stop feeling awful to do it. Then when we got to St. Martin, I wasn’t sleeping because I couldn’t stop coughing and I could barely stay away through the entire day let alone go for a run.

I did go hiking though. And we walked just about everywhere. And I only gained about 5 lbs of “not real weight” according to my friend Regan. So now, I’m jumping into training with absolutely zero running in the past two weeks. What could go wrong?

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Half Marathon Training: Week 2 and some psycho-analytics.

Half Marathon Training (2)

It started off as a bit of a stuffy nose and some sneezing, then moved into the achy head and ear pain, and now I can’t stop coughing and I blame Mucinex. Dreamboat blames my niece and nephew for it. I’m not sure I can, because they weren’t sick when we hung out with them, and I’m not sick dammit. It’s allergies. There is no infection there. Needless to say, running has been fun.

I shorted myself out of miles last week partially on accident, partially on purpose. But when a friend calls you in a massive melt down you blow off your run for Bonos BBQ and some time to hang out. And when you read your calendar wrong, well, that’s your own damn fault. I’m not stressing it too much though.

What I am doing is coughing my lungs up begrudgingly and trying to pack for a vacation that I know I’m excited about but can’t feel that excited right at this second and I’m eating garlic hummus and GF pretzels for lunch.

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Staying positive when starting over

Staying Positive

No one likes to start over from the beginning, but sometimes it just has to happen. There is nothing wrong with that. No one who has a firm understanding of your world will ever judge you for it (and if they do, re-examine that friendship) and everyone has been there. Starting over means just that: back at square one, doing everything you did when you first started and sometimes that just sucks.

And sometimes you’ll find yourself wishing you could go faster, push harder, run longer. You’ll probably mentally berate yourself for not being better, faster, stronger, whatever else Kanye sings in his songs. You’ll wish you could still fit into your smaller running clothes, or any clothes at that, and you’ll beat yourself up for letting yourself go.

Don’t. It’s wasted energy, and isn’t worth the time. Instead, funnel that energy into something that is productive.

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Half Marathon Training: Starting Again

Half Marathon Training (2)

So things have changed and it’s always a fun time when that happens. With a new job comes new hours and responsibilities, and with that comes a new plan. And with a new plan comes changes in the personal life with timing. Then throw in the social life around races I want to do, and the issues that comes with that.

I’m about to go into psycho planning mode, I swear.

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Starting Over (again, and again, and again…)

Hello, June

This past weekend I had to go clothes shopping. Which I absolutely despise right now. My weight is back up to 194, my clothing size is not what I want to think about right now, and given the year or so I’ve had, I just wanted to go ahead and make it through the rest of the year without purchasing any more pieces of clothing that would make me feel miserable about how much weight I’ve put on.

But with a new job comes a new uniform and new responsibilities, and if I’m going to be heading out to crime scenes like I did on Thursday…it can’t be in skirts and heels. So off I went for khaki’s and black sneakers on Saturday, while Dreamboat held the fort down at home. After 5 stores and an emotional outburst, I was able to find some at JC Penny’s. Sure, they are juniors in order to fit my short stature, and a size way higher than I want to admit to wearing, but they fit and they are comfy and the truth is they will work when I’m out at a scene for 8 hours running around like my hair is on fire.

I still felt like an epic failure on all counts.

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moon design studio co. presents

I got the job!

After applying and going through all of the steps which took two months to do, I have finally been hired for the social media tech position at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office! And I am so excited!

This job will have lots of challenges and I can’t wait to get started. It’s still social media, but it’s for a whole new client and working for the government has given me some really amazing chances to further my career. The benefits are amazing, the perks are pretty fantastic, and guess what? The campus I will be working at has a gym on site! They have a weight room and a cardio room, and the ladies locker room has showers in it.

I’m also excited to participate in the wellness programs they have available for employees. Things like Weight Watchers at Work options, cooking demonstrations, and more. They are going out of their way to make sure that their employees are working on making sure each person is the best version of themselves. Which is a huge difference than any other job I have ever had.

Another plus for this new gig is the lack of quick grab and eats nearby. That means I have to bring food with me for lunch and snacks, and that means healthy eating since we quit bringing junk food into the house. Raw almonds, fresh fruit, and some gluten free cracker snacks are perfect for snacking and some can be kept at my desk. They have water filter machines in all of the break rooms too.

Oh! And I get a lunch break! I have no idea what that is, but I’m excited to find out! :)

I’m already planning a new fitness regime and a new plan to fit into my new job.  I plan on running after work if I can’t run during my lunch break, because my new hours are 8am – 5pm and I live a good 30-45 minutes away from work. Which would need me to get up at 4am to make sure I had time to get dressed, go run, come home, get cleaned up, make breakfast, and then get on the road all before 7am. Not. Gonna. Happen. Especially since I hate getting up early. With the gym at my disposal, I can run up to 4 miles on my lunch break, take a quick shower and braid my hair back so that I still look semi decent for the rest of the day.

This year has been a roller coaster of craziness: I lost my Sante Fe, but got a brand new Fit. I lost my cell phone, but got the new iPhone 6. I lost my job, but scored this new one. I suffered bad depression all year, but I feel like I’m finally coming out of it and finding something to smile about.

Right now, I’m feeling pretty optimistic. And I can’t wait to get my running legs under me so I can really get back to “normal Jamie.”

It’s A Food Thing: Cleaning Out the Kitchen

It's a food thing (3)

It only happens once in a while: I get that twitch every time I walk into my kitchen. Things are cluttered in the cabinets, unorganized in the pantry and God only knows what is in the back of the fridge making that awful smell. (we later determined it was Dreamboat’s salmon) And since I’m not working right now, I knew today was going to be the day…

It was time to deep clean the kitchen.

Deep cleaning the kitchen, in my eyes, means going through everything that is in the pantry and purging the things that are out of date and making a pile of stuff we know we aren’t going to eat to donate to a soup kitchen. Then I go through the cabinets and purge excess stuff there: in today’s case, we are getting rid of a A LOT of glasses and stemware that we just don’t even use anymore. Then, it’s time to take everything off of the counters and scrub them down, then vacuum the floor and swiffer wet jet that mother. I even scrub down the fridge, the oven, even the dishwasher (we have stainless steel appliances, thank you move in bonus from 7 years ago)

Usually it takes me a day or two to get it all done the way I like it. This time, however, I was struck at how much food we were throwing out “from our unhealthy days” as Brian put it, and how little we had for a donation.

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