Well, Hello August

That happened quickly.

The cool thing with the start of a new month is a chance to start over and really focus on what is important. A lot of things change in August: school is back in session, football season starts, and suddenly you are filled with a very hefty calendar of events and games to make sure you get to. That’s why keeping a solid game plan is the best way to make sure you stick to your own personal goals.

At least that’s how I see it.

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Half Marathon Training: Week 3

Half Marathon Training (2)

So this past week sucked. I barely worked out and felt miserable to boot. I had a migraine for two of the days, it hurt to walk with my bad foot, my running partner was out of town so I had no motivation to get up early, and it was just crap. I feel like I am making excuses, but the real thing is it was just a bad week all around fitness wise.

My goal is to get myself back on the bandwagon this week, regardless of what I think or how I feel (barring any more migraines, of course) because I am serious about this. I don’t want to let anything stand in my way to getting what I want.

But sometimes motivating myself to get out there and do the work in a head advisory type weather situation makes me want to stay under the covers of my super comfy bed in my air conditioned condo and listen to music instead.

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Some people can run in the heat like it’s no issue whatsoever. Dreamboat is one of those guys. The idea of going out in 90something degree weather and sweating gallons under a cloudless sky makes him feel alive. Me? I feel like I’m going to die before the first quarter mile mark. And it’s not because I’m a big girl running. It’s because my body loathes anything over about 75 degrees.

“But Jamie! You live in Florida! Shouldn’t you be used to the heat by now?” you ask. I smile and nod. I am used to the heat. And by used to it, I mean I know what I physically need to do in order to stay safe in the incredibly crazy hot temperatures: wear light colored, light weight clothing, drink lots of water and/or sports drinks, wear a hat and sunglasses, track how I’m sweating, and every hour or so take a break in the shade or in the water. And that’s not even if I am running, that’s just by being out and about normally.

When running comes into play, things change DRASTICALLY.

running safety

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Creating your ‘Personal Run’


Running is a personal experience. Each person has to have certain things, or NOT have certain things, certain times of the day…all kinds of things make a run something that is important to each person, and more than just tied your sneakers and heading out.

Here are some of the things that makes my run so personal and so great:

  1. I’m particular on what I wear when I run. I want to be comfortable as well as cool as I can be. I love the Champion brand by Target because they are dry wick and offer compression gear. I use their bermuda length shorts and their compression sports bras. As for tops, anything that is a tank and is slightly baggy to hide my tummy is perfect. I love wearing Old Navy’s bubble tops and racer back tanks, and altering my dry wick running shirts to racer back tops. Pinterest has tons of options for you to choose from to learn how to change your t-shirts to tanks and racer backs.
  2. I run in the morning. The earlier, the better: especially since it is SO HOT in Florida. And because I run so early, I don’t usually eat or drink anything if it’s a short run. A glass of water usually to keep hydrated if it’s a short run. If it’s 4 miles or more, I grab some kind of pre-workout stuff like a Gu gel (with caffeine please!) and some kind of power drink. Powerade, Gatorade, Nuun, or a pre-workout powder mixed in water like EBT Uncaged are good choices. Something with electrolytes and a bit of power to get you going is always best.
  3. I’m the kind of person who needs to have music while running. Thankfully I have an iPhone that allows me to have Pandora and Spotify during my running. Pandora is great if you have favorite artists and want to make a radio station that has like minded bands played. I have been living on Hollywood Undead and the “Turn Down for What” station. As for Spotify, you can create your own playlists with any artist that is on the service. I have a “Shut Up and Run” playlist that I add music to weekly and listen to when I run. Plus – Spotify has now created a program that allows you to hear music based on your pace. I’ve done it a few times, and it’s actually pretty awesome. I’ve not heard the same song once, and it’s based on my pace. I run for a little bit and then the music starts. I highly recommend it.
  4. I follow a specific training plan, but in order to keep myself interested, I change up my route from time to time. For example, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I run the bridges downtown and I alternate which bridge I run first. Not only does it give me a change in challenge, but it also allows me to keep things different. Sometimes I run with a friend or two, and sometimes I run alone but never without letting someone know where I am. Being safe while running is a big deal. You never want to go with out having someone know where you are running.
  5. Speaking of runner safety, I always believe that you should run with your cell phone. That way if something happens you have a way to call 911 or someone you love for help. I also never run without my RoadID. As a runner who suffers from migraines, it’s vital to my safety. Sometimes I can get hit with a migraine on a run and need to call for help. Or, and this has happened a few times, I cross the finish line and almost black out from pain. The RoadID allows the people at the race know who to call to get me help. It has my husband’s phone number and my mom’s phone number on it. It’s a piece of equipment that is more important than anything else you use on your runs.
  6. Post run, it’s important to refuel- especially after a really hot or really long run. Chocolate milk is a great thing to grab, but if you are really hot it shouldn’t be your first choice. Ice water or a cold sports drink should be. In the summer, I grab blue Powerade or fruit punch Gatorade. Then, once I’m cooled off, I grab a good meal. My breakfasts usually include a carb, a fruit, and protien. Lately, my favorite has been either Thomas’ Corn English Muffin or Vans Gluten Free Waffles, with berries and hard boiled eggs. Sometimes I’ll make a sandwich with the eggs and add Greek yogurt with my fruit. My current faves are Oikos Triple Zero yogurt with strawberries, blackberries, peaches, and cantaloupe. If you run at night, lean meats and lots of veggies are a plus.
  7. And don’t forget to stretch! Yoga is my favorite right now, and it helps my foot immensely.


What are your go to things to make it a great run?

Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Last week was a slow start to training. Trying to get back into the habit of running just about every day when you haven’t been doing that is tough, and the humidity here in Jacksonville is NOT helping any. Seriously, it’s already hot as balls outside, adding in the 85% and higher humidity makes just walking to the route a hot mess.

But if nothing else, training in this kind of weather will make me a stronger fall weather runner. It’s almost like it’s endurance training: pushing myself to run despite the conditions, my mind on finishing the run and not on the time it takes to get it done will make it more fun and a hell of a lot easier in the fall when the temps start to dip down below 85.

I’d be lying if I said this was fun though.

Half Marathon Training (2)

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Half Marathon Training: It has begun!

It’s mid-July and it’s still sweltering in Jacksonville. Like, the “feels like” temperatures are well into the triple digits, and if you don’t get out there and run early enough you will drown in a puddle of your own sweat. Even though I’m meeting Kat at 7am to run the bridges, it’s still a miserably hot and sticky run. And right smack dab in the middle of that hot, sticky, miserably hot summer running is the very beginning of half marathon training.

This should be fun.

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It’s A Food Thing: Eating on the Run

We’ve all done it: been rushed out of the house and in such a hurry forgot to grab food for lunch. Or a snack. Or we make it and leave it on our counters because we are distracted by checking Facebook as we walk out the door instead of remembering to check and see if you have everything. Or you just don’t have any groceries in the house that are good enough to make a solid meal or snack out of. It’s happened to the best of us.

To me, it used to happen all. the. time

So now you have to find a healthy grab and go eat that will give you the fuel you need and leave the heavy calories out of it. I have a few favorite places that I used to go to when I was working in Downtown Jacksonville: Panera, Hightide Burrito, Tropical Smoothie. But sometimes even those favorite places are laden with high calorie items that seem like a great idea at the time, but then leave you heavy and filled with ‘blech’ till the end of the workday.

So I did a little digging and found some places and some of their healthier options for grabbing and going at a couple of my favorite restaurants.

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