Hello, December…



And in a blink of an eye, it’s suddenly December. Radios are filled with Christmas carols, shoppers are out and about scouring the stores for the perfect gift for their loved ones, twinkling lights are strung up on rooftops, and it’s still in the high 70s in Florida.

Despite everything, I’m really excited about December.

It’s usually my favorite month: The temps are finally dropping and that means cooler running, the holidays usually mean happier people, and I’m a big holiday freak. Granted, we aren’t exactly doing anything for the holidays this year except for sleeping in and spending time with each other – a rarity right now – but I’m excited nonetheless.

And after two slow but successful races at the end of November – I’m feeling more positive and motivated than ever.

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Half Marathon Training: Where’d my mojo go?

Half Marathon Training (2)

Sometime between now and the beginning of the month, I lost my mojo. I’ve hardly run at all this month, and not because I don’t want to. I have, however, spent the last three out of four weekends as a migraine riddled blob on the couch so I know that doesn’t help.

I couldn’t tell you what caused it, because I don’t know. That’s not true: I do know. And it’s been the same damn excuse. And it isn’t like I haven’t been doing anything. I’ve been stretching and doing yoga, and making plans for December on. So what does that mean for the two half marathons I have next week? Well…. It’s a good thing I don’t have time goals.

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Half Marathon Training: The Countdown Begins

Half Marathon Training (2)

I’ve been pretty honest on here thus far, so I’m going to be honest again: I’ve been slacking on training. While last month I ran the most amount of miles I have in a month this year, I haven’t been rigid on my training. I’m still in “recovery” and I’m still trying to rediscover the love of running that depression took away from me.

That being said – it’s less than 20 days to my first half marathon of the season, and I do not feel as prepared as I should…but I’m not going to let that stop me. My goal is to finish with a smile on my face and joy in my eyes. I haven’t run a race since March, and I can’t wait to tutu up and go out there and remember the feeling of racing.

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Hello, November. How ya doin?

moon design studio co. presents (1)

47. That’s how many miles I ran in October. I didn’t run every mile I had planned, and I didn’t get out there as often as I had wanted to, but it’s still impressive to me. Because it’s the most miles in a month I have run this year. And that’s a big deal, give the circumstances.

I’m proud of that number. It’s a sign of many things, including the fact that I really am rediscovering that love for the run that I had before when I had my “shit together” as some people so eloquently put it. I look forward to coming home and changing clothes, and when I start running I just start slowly and die the first quarter mile as I try to get my breathing under control again (I thought your body was supposed to remember things like that) and then I find a cadence I like and just go. I don’t do it for time, I do it for distance and for the love of the run.

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Half Marathon Training, or something like it

Half Marathon Training (2)

You know what I love about being super duper busy? When it comes to an end. I adore hanging out with my friends and doing things with the people I adore, but we’ve been going NON STOP for months now and we are finally moving into the slow period.

I shouldn’t complain. I know people who are always trying to find something to do with their time, and I should feel blessed that so many people want to do things with the Dreamboat and I. I do feel blessed; honored that people would want to hang out with us on a regular basis.

But when home starts to look like a permanent shit storm, when you blow off your runs because of things to do with friends, and when you spend more time with them than you do with your significant other – it becomes an issue.

And we are just under a month away from Suburu, a month and 2 days before the Space Coast.

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Half Marathon Training: What was I saying?

Half Marathon Training (2)

Ever have that moment when you have a post well thought out and planned and the moment you sit down to write it out you completely blank on it? That is what is happening right now. I had this epic post about something fit related. Like diet, or running, or even inspirational or something. I remember thinking about it on the drive into work and then BLAM – I completely forgot what it was that I was going to write about.

Dang it. I hate it when that happens.

I did my 8 miles on Saturday, and suffered for it on Sunday. I don’t know if it was my gait, my stride, my exhaustion, the fact that we walked more than we ran or what – but my foot hurt something fierce. I did my stretches, iced, and stretched some more so now it is just down to a dull ache when I step wrong instead of massive pain every time I walk. I have drifted away from my yoga practice and I need to get that back into my routine. I’m thinking about bringing one of my yoga mats here to work and doing lunchtime yoga in my office. There is JUST enough room in this one to lay out the mat and do some yoga in it. There will be more room when I swap offices, which is slated to happen before the end of the month.

Speaking of that, I haven’t been to the fitness center yet. I keep getting pulled in different directions to do other things, which is a lame excuse. I need to just focus on getting my lunch hour in there. I do need to do some weight lifting because hauling some of this equipment I have now is exhausting. It’s heavy and clunky. Gotta get some Body Pump in. Maybe in February I’ll celebrate the paying off of all of my credit cards with the purchase of it so I can lift at home. I miss pump classes.

This week is a taper week, but given I have YET to make a 4 mile run during the week it’s still going to be a challenge. Last week my goal was to run every mile I needed to, but I missed 7 miles. This week I’m not going to let that happen. The only way I’m going to be able to get back into this is to make this priority an important one.

What does that mean? Funny you should ask. Dreamboat and I had a tiff about things, and priorities were brought up. How everything is a priority, it is just a matter of how much of a priority it is. In the middle of our tiff, Brian yelled at me “Yeah well I thought you would be 150 pounds and running a sub 11 minute mile, but that didn’t happen.” He went on to say that if running was such a priority to me, I wouldn’t be blowing off miles like I have been. And this isn’t the first time he’s called me out on it. He made a comment a few weeks ago in front of other people about how a friend of ours is running more than I am when I was talking about running. While his tactics are shitty, and believe me I called him out on that, he does make a point.

Everything is a priority in life: work, marriage, fitness, your personal self, everything. It just depends on how much of a priority things are. And being on the same page is a biggie too. For me, my marriage is a top priority for me but for my husband it can’t be a top priority because he is starting double shifts at work, 6 days a week. His top priority has to be work and his personal self to be able to make it through the next 8 weeks of insane scheduling, and the best thing I can do to help that is to take care of things at home. Which in turn will help our marriage. And my running, because if he’s working late nights I’m going to have a lot of time to myself. It’s going to be like we are back at WJXT working opposite shifts. Which we had a love/hate relationship with.

So my top priorities are my marriage, my fitness and my personal self. Everything else comes second to that, and everything in my top priorities thrive on each other.

Huh. I guess through my rambling I found what I wanted to talk about after all.

ANYWAY – now that I’ve talked your ear off, here’s this week’s plan. (note: on the plus side, I’ve already exceeded last months miles. I’m calling that a win:)

Half Marathon Training

Half Marathon Training – Playing Catch Up

Being busy has its advantages and disadvantages.

Being busy means you have friends and family that want to spend as much time with you as they can, and it makes time fly by, and you get to do a lot of stuff with cool people. We’ve been on vacation, and then we had Brew at the Zoo which was a lot of fun (I learned that I like Sierra Nevada’s Oktoberfest beer best) and then I had to work last Saturday, and then I had a bridal shower, then I had to work and cover the National Night Out and trying to run during this time too and you know what? I’m tired.

And that is one of the disadvantages of being busy. You get tired, and trying to fit in all of your runs gets tricky. I was supposed to run 4 yesterday, but ran 3 instead because I put it off on Tuesday because of National Night Out. So tonight I need to run 4 miles, but I’m so tired! Then tomorrow I am supposed to run 3, and on Saturday I’m supposed to run 8.

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