JULY GOALS: Rebooting to a previous self

When you do something for a long time, it becomes part of your identity. Suddenly, that thing – whatever it is – is something that people know you by. They correlate that thing with you, and you with that thing. The two almost become synonymous. Runners get that, because it’s part of who they are. They aren’t just going out for a run, they are embracing it as a part of who they are, a part that becomes part of their identity.

It’s like that for everything: family, jobs, friends, music… literally everything around you can be part of your identity.

My friends have always known me as “that angry hippie girl who works at Channel 4 doing social media and runs in tutus” and for so long that was my identity. Now, part of that identity has been torn away and I’m left floundering a little bit trying to figure out a new part of myself and that is terrifying. For almost 12 years, I have identified myself as a “tv newsie” and now that part of me is gone and I’m left torn.

Part of me is seriously disappointed and distraught. The other part of me is curious as to who I am without the agonizing hours and stress levels are, what kind of adventures wait before me and what the next chapter holds.

One thing I do know it holds… A return to running, yoga and self exploration. July goals are on the radar.

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It’s A Food Thing: Summer Heat and Hydration

It’s hot outside. Like really hot. Super duper hot. And really humid. Stupid humid. The kind of hot and humid where walking from your front door to your car has you drenched in sweat and feeling miserable.

Welcome to summer, Florida.

While at Universal Studios this past weekend (which was AMAZING by the way) we spent a lot of time outside in the God-awful heat. And we drank a lot of water. Dreamboat and I also drank a lot of Powerade. But we are veterans when it comes to the typical Florida summer heat and humidity. My niece and nephew from Kentucky? Not so much. Joseph got a headache early on and I told him to drink ¬†more and put some ice on the back of his neck. Kendall kept complaining about how hot she was too. We stayed on top of our fluid intake on Saturday, but dropped off on Sunday and I’m paying for it now.

Earlier today, as I stopped at the Gate Gas Station to grab a coffee to go, I heard on the radio that the expected highs were going to be mid to high 90s, and with the humidity and heat index it would feel like triple digits. That’s when it hit me: Florida Summer also means “drink more, idiot” summer.

Dehydration is one of the biggest causes for injury and illness during the hottest months of the year, and chances are…you are dehydrated right now. Let’s take a look at what dehydration can do to you and your body, and talk about how to combat it.¬† Continue reading

It’s A Food Thing: Eating On Vacation

So this weekend, we are going to be hitting up Orlando to spend a few days with my in-laws, who are bringing my niece and nephew from Kentucky. Given that Orlando is the home of the theme park, and my nephew Joseph has never been to one, I’m excited to spend a few days with them and escape reality for a bit.

I’m still on restricted running right now, so I won’t be so caught up in making sure I get my 2-3 mile walk/run in before we spend a day walking at the park because… well, we’ll be spending two days walking around Universal and Islands of Adventure. I’m almost certain that we will be logging 10+ miles easy with the steps we will be doing there. However, I want to make sure I’m sticking to my cleaned up diet.

Sure, I’m still on the 80/20 plan but that doesn’t leave a lot of room for junk food that theme parks seem to have in massive supply. Plus, gluten free options are lacking as well. So what does that mean for me? How do I plan? First things first: research. Continue reading

June: A month of changes

Hello, June

It’s officially June and lots of things are happening: Today is the start of hurricane season, the start of the end to the first half of 2015, and with the beginning of a new month comes new challenges.

I have an appointment with my podiatrist on Thursday in hopes to get another injection and permission to run more than I’m allowed to, which will make training and getting my sweat on easier. I have my in-laws visiting with my niece and nephew in a few weeks down in Orlando, so we have a long weekend planned with them park hopping. We are currently redoing a room in our condo that is leaving it in slight chaos and it’s driving me bonkers. And on June 24, I will be working my final day at WJXT.

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It’s A Food Thing: Small Changes = Big Changes

It’s not a new concept: all the working out you do means nothing if you have a bad diet. Eating clean is a tough thing to do, however, when you are doing it on your own or filled with lots of temptations. You end up being your own worst enemy.

My way of thinking about dieting and eating is more of an 80/20 concept: I eat healthy 80% of the time, leaving 20% free for the sodas I’m obsessed with (I know, bad Jamie) or the gelato that Dreamboat brings me or the couple of cookies that I hide in my desk drawer.

Eating healthy takes time and effort, and making big changes all at once is a sure fire way to set yourself up for disaster. Which is exactly what I did. And I know better. So if it can happen to me, it can happen to you. Here’s some of my small changes to help me get back on track, even though my fitness is pretty slow right now.

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Obeying Doctors Orders…

I spent a few hours mapping out a plan on Sunday for a fitness regime that is doable. It works with my doctors restrictions and it allows me to get some of the cardio that I have been missing in my life. I won’t be breaking any records anytime soon, but at least I will be getting out there and doing something I love.

Because in a world where things are starting to spin wildly out of my control, the least I can do is control my workouts right?

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Random Update from IRG


I ran this morning! I ran a mile! Okay, not really a mile, I ran half a mile. Two quarters of a mile. Run a quarter, walk a quarter, run a quarter, walk a quarter. Doctors orders. But I did it! I runned!

And now I can’t run again until Thursday. Because I can only run every other day right now. WHICH IS FINE! I can make that work. I’m going to dig out my laptop and do Insanity tomorrow morning, and more yoga.

I need to keep doing yoga every day so I can make sure that I am stretched out and mindful and relaxed.

But I’m not gonna lie, I’m so ready for the ability to run 5 miles on my long runs it’s cray cray. It’s not even about time at this point. I need to not worry about pace and worry more about getting out there and enjoying the run! I can’t wait to get out there.


Not gonna lie. I’ve been bad for a week. I got some rough news last week that put me into a small bit of a tailspin and I reverted to some of my old ways. Lots of soda. Lots of fried. Lots of gluten. Lots of not remembering to eat until I was starving and then scarfing way too much food. But no more of that.

The news is something out of my control, and I promise I will announce it to you all soon. I’m contractually obligated to wait a bit longer before making the announcement. (but I’m sure you can figure it out.) And since the things I can control is my diet and my fitness then that’s what I will do.

LATE ADD: As much as I bitch about my weight lately, I self sabotage but getting McD’s (chicken nuggets) on my way into work because I waited to late to leave my condo and grab food. And since we don’t have any thing already made at home, I had to grab and go. *head desk* I need a swift kick in the ass here. Or to just plan better.

TELL ME: What do you do to make sure you eat healthy all the time? Do you always keep food with you? Do you stash food in different places?