Running, Running…as fast as I can…


do you think we’ll make it… (do you think we’ll make it…?) October is meant for fall. Which means cooler temps. So why did I run 8 miles in high 80 degree weather, after spending three hours the day before … Continue reading

Hello, October

It’s still muggy and warm outside, here in Florida. It’s the rainy season and that means days of cloudy overcast and storms with some sunshine in between. But it’s also October and that’s my favorite month of the year. In the heart of Autumn, it screams pumpkins and apples and mulled wine and hot cider.

Right now, it also means the 4th week of half marathon training and the desperate need to really focus on getting serious about the races I have to come. Cooler temps means longer runs outside, long walks as a cool down, and maybe just hanging out in the cripser air.

If it ever got that cool here, that is. (PS: Warning – cursing to follow under the cut)

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Pumpkin coffee? Cooler temps? Must be Autumn!


My favorite season: all things pumpkin, cooler temps with less humidity, the fall race plan, and some of the most delicious stuff ever. Yes, that gets a separate line from the pumpkin obsession I have. But seriously, with Autumn comes … Continue reading

Best Damn Race AMBASSADOR!


I’m proud to announce that I have been asked to join a fantastic team of ambassadors for the Best Damn Race! It’s an honor and I’m excited to be working with such a great group of people. I have yet … Continue reading

Chatting With ENERGYbits!


Not even a year ago, I participated in a Twitter chat using the hashtag #PoweredByBits. I had no idea what that meant, but I knew I wanted to participate more online with running and fitness chats, so when I saw … Continue reading

RAVE: Running Warehouse? I think I love you.

It’s been a while since I have run, and I’m catching a lot of hell for it. But here’s the truth: my shoes are torn up. I mean REALLY torn up. And they have been torn up for a while now. I have zero tread left, some of it is actually peeling off, and there is A HOLE in the right toe box. I’ve pretty much worn then completely out.

They were torn up when I ran the Tour de Pain in August, and I said I’d get new ones after that, and I never did. I didn’t have the extra cash I needed to get them (I mean, come on…running shoes are expensive) and trying to purchase them before vacation didn’t seem logical. Now that we are back from vacation, and half marathon training starts on Monday, it’s time to bite the bullet and swallow my pride and ask Dreamboat to get me a new pair of shoes since I’m financially strapped. He said he would give me the cash by the end of the day (he was on his way to work) and that got me to looking for shoes. 

Marisa had been bugging me about getting new running shoes and suggested checking out Running Warehouse. I was hesitant. I liked the instant gratification of getting my shoes in a store that allowed me to get them right then and there, having the ability to run in them in just a half hour after purchase.

Then I went to the website, and now I am hooked!

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