Best Damn Race AMBASSADOR!


I’m proud to announce that I have been asked to join a fantastic team of ambassadors for the Best Damn Race! It’s an honor and I’m excited to be working with such a great group of people. I have yet … Continue reading

Chatting With ENERGYbits!


Not even a year ago, I participated in a Twitter chat using the hashtag #PoweredByBits. I had no idea what that meant, but I knew I wanted to participate more online with running and fitness chats, so when I saw … Continue reading

RAVE: Running Warehouse? I think I love you.

It’s been a while since I have run, and I’m catching a lot of hell for it. But here’s the truth: my shoes are torn up. I mean REALLY torn up. And they have been torn up for a while now. I have zero tread left, some of it is actually peeling off, and there is A HOLE in the right toe box. I’ve pretty much worn then completely out.

They were torn up when I ran the Tour de Pain in August, and I said I’d get new ones after that, and I never did. I didn’t have the extra cash I needed to get them (I mean, come on…running shoes are expensive) and trying to purchase them before vacation didn’t seem logical. Now that we are back from vacation, and half marathon training starts on Monday, it’s time to bite the bullet and swallow my pride and ask Dreamboat to get me a new pair of shoes since I’m financially strapped. He said he would give me the cash by the end of the day (he was on his way to work) and that got me to looking for shoes. 

Marisa had been bugging me about getting new running shoes and suggested checking out Running Warehouse. I was hesitant. I liked the instant gratification of getting my shoes in a store that allowed me to get them right then and there, having the ability to run in them in just a half hour after purchase.

Then I went to the website, and now I am hooked!

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Getting Back to Normal

San Antonio was amazing: It was hot, but not humid, and filled with some of the most amazing culture I have ever witnessed. The river walk was incredible, the food delicious, and the sites and sounds were just breathtaking. We toured the Alamo, the Natural Bridge Caverns, walked the river walk many times, and had a blast.

Diet? Thrown out the window. Pizza was a hot commodity there. As was any and all tex-mex cuisine (which was amazing btw.) Eating lots of gluten hurt me, and I’m paying for it now, but the food was worth it. Seeing our friends who we haven’t seen in almost 6 years was worth it. A vacation away from everything and anything that had both Dreamboat and I THISCLOSE to killing everyone and each other was worth it.

And now – it’s time to get back to normal. And into SERIOUS TRAINING MODE.

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Random Post is Random

Every once in a while, there is a random post on this blog with random tidbits of information. Today is one of those days. So with that being said, here’s some random for you.

I am a firm believer of eating when you are hungry, and not eating when you are not hungry. I’m also a firm believer in everything in moderation. That being said – I can’t WAIT for all things pumpkin, and will eat/drink ALL THE PUMPKIN THINGS.

I haven’t run in a little while, and I feel bad about it, but my head has been MURDERING me. I went to my doctor yesterday and we are moving forward with a more aggressive attack when my head starts to hurt. Apparently I can still get the occasional migraine, and that bums me out.

Dreamboat and I start half marathon training when we get back from our vacation. I’m excited that he is getting back into running, but his knee is killing him and that worries me. I’m getting him to take glucosomine or something to help that out, but I worry that his knee just isn’t up to it anymore. It’s the same knee he hurt years ago at work. :-(

Speaking of vacation – we leave for San Antonio tomorrow, and I’m excited to get away for a little bit. It’ll be nice to see friends we haven’t seen in a long time and hang out. Brian talked me out of doing the half marathon (“Jamie, this is a trip to relax and see our friends. If you really want to do the race, fine. But I would rather you didn’t so we can focus on Kevin’s retirement and hang out with everyone.” Well who can say no to that? He asked so sweetly!) I’m going to bring my laptop with me, but no promises on an update while I am there.

Speaking of the blog! I had a massive creative brain explosion of fantastic-ness, and I have a nice hearty list of blog topics to get cracking on. HOWEVER – you should give me some awesome topics to write about too. So comment with blog posts. As a journalist, I have no problem going out and interviewing people for articles too. I’m hoping to get back on my more consistent posting plan starting September 1!

Everyone keeps asking me if I cut my hair again, and the answer is no. But I plan on getting it trimmed up again when we get back. I’m kind of digging the shorter locks. It’s cooler. But I miss the longer hair for my braids. Who knows, we’ll play with it and see.

I need new running shoes, more gels, and could go for a few more sports bras. This requires a trip to 1st Place Sports and Target.

I could really, really go for a massage.

Okay, I think that’s all for now. Share some randomness in the comments (and blog ideas!!) and let’s be random together. :)

It’s A Food Thing: Cravings are the Devil!

I actually can’t stand chocolate. I am the kind of girl who craves chewy, fruity taffy. The only chocolate I like is when it’s surrounding peanut butter, caramel and an apple. (Kilwins makes the most amazing chocolate, peanut butter, caramel dipped apple. It’s to die for.) But when Brian and I were at Walmart the other day grabbing some odds and ends, we got a giant bag of mini Twix bars.

Maybe it’s the caramel. Maybe it’s the not gluten free cookie. Maybe it’s the chocolate, and maybe it’s because we keep them in the freezer because eating them frozen is so freaking delicious. I hadn’t had a Twix bar in YEARS easy. But with two of those minis, I was screwed and suddenly all I want is chocolate and caramel and cookie that makes my stomach unhappy and happy at the same time.

That triggered a sudden craving for bread and soft pretzels and chewy pizza crusts. That’s when it hit me. I ate a small, little gluten filled bit of deliciousness and it caused me insane desire to eat all the gluten.

Cravings – thou art a harsh Mistress. Continue reading

12 Little Random Facts!

So there seems to be a lot of new faces around here. Hello new faces! Welcome to the world of Idiot Runner Girl!

And hello loyal readers! Glad you are sticking through the drama that is a girl finding her way to running and all that fun stuff.

Since I haven’t done one of these in a while, I figured today I can share 20 little random facts about myself. THEN – you can do it about YOURSELF in the comments!

Sound like fun? Good. :) Let’s get started.

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A Release of Pain: One Year Later

This time one year ago, I was in a hospital bed at St. Vincent’s Riverside, listening to Brian try to calm me down before they knocked me out, shaved my head, and cut it open to dig around for a bit. It was a decision I had made a month prior, and I knew that it wasn’t going to be something that would kill me – the the possibility of losing my migraines completely was just… the possibilities were endless.

And when I woke up this morning, with just a twinge of head pain from the stormy weather, I thanked God once again for the successful surgery that has taken away 98% of my migraines

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