RACE RECAP: Evergreen Cemetery Pumpkin Run 10 Miler

First and foremost, I want to apologize for not updating in so long. I hadn’t realized that it had been 9 days since my last post. Working at a frantic pace at work, and then shutting down for 4 days afterward, only to be thrown into the work mix again caused me to lose track of time. SORRY!

On Sunday, however, I participated in one of my favorite races ever: The Evergreen Cemetery Pumpkin Run. Every year, the cemetery plays host to two races: the St. Patty’s Day 10k/5k and the Pumpkin Run 5k/10M. They are also both on Sundays, which makes it easy for me to run them, even if I was working the day before.

There are a lot of reasons that this race is fantastic: the route is beautiful, the people are supportive, and best of all – it’s a Halloween race which means COSTUMES!

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Sometimes life catches up with you…

I missed my 9 miler yesterday, and to be honest with you… I don’t feel bad about it. I slept for 17 hours after getting home from work on Saturday due to sheer exhaustion. AND – I got a migraine in the middle of all of that mess. It was my body’s way of telling me “Hey, Idiot! You need to slow down for a bit and catch up on some rest. How’s now sound?”


It’s not like I had any plans. Well, Dreamboat had plans. A group of friends were getting together to hang out, and I said if he wanted to go we could…and he said we’ll see how I feel. We were getting ready to go and a snarky comment under his breath from him to my “nothing is wrong” answer to his question caused me to snap at him and start crying. This, after we bickered about whether to go or not. I cried for a while, crawled back into bed, and no lie – less than an hour later, I was asleep again. I was apparently out so hard and needed the rest so badly that Dreamboat had to sleep in the guest bedroom because I took up the entire bed and wouldn’t move when he tried to move me.


I woke up the next morning to a cold bed and a sinking heart. I knew Dreamboat was disappointed in me about the night before, but I wasn’t sure specifically why. (For the record, he won’t tell me either. He just says ‘it’s not important’ and that irritates me) But I woke up feeling a little bit better: my head was still somewhat achy, I was still kinda tired and lethargic, I was still overly emotional which happens when I don’t feel good… but I was better than Saturday.

But I wasn’t so much better that I thought 9 miles was the plan for the day.

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Running, Running…as fast as I can…

do you think we’ll make it… (do you think we’ll make it…?)

October is meant for fall. Which means cooler temps. So why did I run 8 miles in high 80 degree weather, after spending three hours the day before outside where there was no clouds and it was WAY hotter outside? AND I got sunburned? Who gets sunburned in October!? And we aren’t talking like a cute sunburn – we are talking, holy crap call the dermatologist, you are going to die kind of sunburn.

Needless to say – it was awful.

Shortly there after, I had a friend who I am close to ask me if my time bothers me. If the fact that I’m so much slower than my other running friends really hinders my desire to run and if it makes me want to quit. At first I was offended. Was she being critical of my slow pace, in the dead of the middle morning, no clouds and God awful heat? But I thought about it before speaking, and after a bit – I realized that maybe she wasn’t asking to be critical.

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the start of this there. This is a continuation of that very post. (NOTE: I’ve been working on this post for a week now. Thanks for your patience! :) )

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Hey, Jamie! Where ya been?

Well, hello there! How has everyone been? I seem to have disappeared for a little while and to be honest, it was kind of nice to do so. I’ve been running so hard lately (both figuratively and literally) that I just needed some time away.

After the Michael Dunn trial finally finished, I took some time off. I had a friend in town who I was eager to visit with, I was beyond exhausted, and I just really needed some downtime to get my focus back together. And while I felt like a good chunk of this vacation was go go go go go… It was also nice to not worry about things for a while.

But now I’m forcing myself to get back into the swing of things, and see to making some changes in my world while I am at it.

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Hello, October

It’s still muggy and warm outside, here in Florida. It’s the rainy season and that means days of cloudy overcast and storms with some sunshine in between. But it’s also October and that’s my favorite month of the year. In the heart of Autumn, it screams pumpkins and apples and mulled wine and hot cider.

Right now, it also means the 4th week of half marathon training and the desperate need to really focus on getting serious about the races I have to come. Cooler temps means longer runs outside, long walks as a cool down, and maybe just hanging out in the cripser air.

If it ever got that cool here, that is. (PS: Warning – cursing to follow under the cut)

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Pumpkin coffee? Cooler temps? Must be Autumn!

My favorite season: all things pumpkin, cooler temps with less humidity, the fall race plan, and some of the most delicious stuff ever. Yes, that gets a separate line from the pumpkin obsession I have. But seriously, with Autumn comes all the other things that are fantastic and spectacular.

Let’s go over the list, shall we?

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Best Damn Race AMBASSADOR!

I’m proud to announce that I have been asked to join a fantastic team of ambassadors for the Best Damn Race! It’s an honor and I’m excited to be working with such a great group of people. I have yet to run one of their races, but everyone I have talked to who has says it’s one of the best races out there. Why?

Because it’s a race for runners, put on BY RUNNERS.

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