It’s A Food Thing: eating healthy during the holidays

Let’s face it – eating healthy during the holidays is hard. Like, really hard. Some people are epically awesome at being able to keep their diets intact during the holidays; I’m not one of them. In fact, I usually throw my diet out the window once December hits because I like to eat. A lot. And there are so many delicious things to eat (and drink!) that are December only treats.

That being said, I put on some pounds while in Cancun thanks to the frozen drinks that were on instant recall and I wanted to start early. So I decided that changes need to happen NOW. I stopped drinking soda, upped my water intake and cut back on my portion sizes like a good runner girl. It’s what you do!

And that promptly blew up in my face when I found myself ravenous in the middle of holiday shopping on Monday and I ended up getting nuggets from McDonald’s, even though I was near a Native Sun (think a smaller Whole Foods) and could have gotten healthier but the nuggets were quicker.

There’s that hanger talking. You know, hungry and angry? Hangry.

That got me thinking… what’s the easiest way to get through the rest of the holidays without completely trashing what little healthy eating I have left?

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Things look better after a week in Cancun.

I’d been looking forward to this vacation since we booked it 8 months ago. A week in Cancun, Mexico, at an all inclusive timeshare without any connection to the outside world. After all the drama that had been going on in my life, I was counting the days. If you follow me on Instamatic, I’m sure you’ve seen the photos depicting the countdown.

And a lot of stuff happened on this vacation. Mostly nothing, but at the same time everything. I spent a lot of time laying in the sunshine by a pool, sipping on completely fattening mudslides and Chunky Monkey frozen drinks, listening to music and just relaxing…and it was during that time that I learned some new things about myself and my life.

I came back from vacation 3 pounds heavier, with a few new recipes I’m going to test out, relaxed and a few new ideas for the future.

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Half Marathon, with a side of Half Marathon

Big week this week, and I can honestly say I’m SO EXCITED! It’s going to be a tough one, but totally worth the semi-training and time put in.

A half marathon on Thursday, and a half marathon on Sunday.

Crazy? I was crazy once….

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It’s A Food Thing: Back on the Bandwagon

I’ve been feeling awful lately. Granted, I’m coming off of a wicked stomach thing (food poisoning? 24 hour bug?) and migraines (which is a completely different post, but WTF head!? I had SURGERY to stop this!!) so of course my body is kind of rebelling against anything and everything I am doing. BUT – It’s more than that.

It’s got a lot to do with the foods and drinks I’m partaking in, and I know that.

I always feel my best when I eat right, and limit my crap intake. And while I love Amber – I’ve noticed that since she’s in in town and crashing at my place, our food and diet habits went out the window. Is it her fault? No, not at all. But as she puts it, it’s the “shiny new toy” syndrome that is most likely causing us to not do what we need to do. Throw in my ever revolving work schedule (seriously, can I not get one week that’s NORMAL!?) and our ever growing social calendar, things just fall by the wayside.

I’m tired of that, and am ready to feel better and that starts with my diet.

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Winter Running: What are YOU wearing?

runningcoldSo for much of the states, winter is officially upon us. As I sit at my desk in Florida, I see that so many parts of the country are already under snow. It’s something I don’t have the ability to understand – AT ALL – given that I moved down to Florida when I was 9 years old and have been here ever since. The only time I’ve been out of Florida and experienced snow since I moved here was when I had to attend my grandfather’s funeral.

That being said – when I’m asked “What do you wear on cold runs in winter?” my answer is very, very different depending on where you live, and where the snow is. For me, I don’t know how to run in the snow. I can only assume how to run in the snow based on what I see in the Idiots Running Club Facebook page.

This is a great reference for what to wear when it’s cold, based on where you are at. Runner’s World does a great job breaking it down based on location, and includes links to things that you can purchase online to help prepare you for the winter running you are certain to be doing. I mean, you ARE running this winter, right?

As for me? Here’s what I wear when I run in the winter.

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Stress – it’s a killer.

I keep disappearing. I didn’t mean to this time. Honest! Things just got a little out of hand. Crazy, even. I bet I know what you are thinking.

“Geez, Jamie, enough with the excuses. Just post your blogs like you said you were going to! This is getting irritating. I mean, ten days without a post? Lame.”

To be honest, it’s even irritating me. Life has been spiraling slowly out of control since the summer, and it kind of culminated into a complete meltdown this weekend where I cried, I yelled, I talked, and I cried some more. I was mad at my friends, mad at my husband, mad at myself, and in the process of having said meltdown I was able to figure some things out and make some tough but necessary decisions. I can’t discuss those decision just yet (but trust me, when the time is right, I’ll let you know) but they have helped me put things back into perspective. Here are some of those perspectives.

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Thankful for November


Halloween is over, the costumes are tossed to the floor and discarded candy wrappers are scattered around. That can only mean one thing. November, the month where being thankful is key, has officially arrived.

I have a lot of plans for November. And a lot of them are fitness related, both physically and mentally. After the emotional break down I had last month due to just too much damn stress (of which, I’m certain I’m not free from) I feel like a serious change needs to start.

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